Aimee the Alchemist

People come to me for guidance. Guidance with what, you might ask? The answer is nearly everything. When people feel there’s absolutely no one on Earth they could possibly call to help them address an issue, or that would understand or be non-judgmental, I am the person that comes to their minds. Ghost in the house? Call Aimee… Saw a UFO? Have psychic medium abilities and don’t know what to do with them? Nervous breakdown? Pet is ill and don’t know what’s wrong & neither does the vet? Need a tradesperson to clean, build, maintain or repair something? Family member checked out under suspicious circumstances? Can’t let go? Need to know how to deal with someone with serious psychiatric issues and don’t know how? Phobias? Addictions? Major life catastrophes? Looking to reinvent yourself? Need a job? A new career? Demonic attachment that won’t let go? Seeking miraculous healing? Don’t know who to trust? Lost all hope? CALL AIMEE, SHE CAN HELP.

I consider this leadership position bestowed upon me by the universe to be an honor and a privilege; I’m definitely not making light of it. It is a tremendous responsibility that I take very seriously. The problem is that sometimes I crumble under the weight of it all; primarily, my physical health deteriorates. Where do I go, when I need help, you might ask? The answer is to the healers. I go to the chiropractor, the accupuncturist, the massage therapist, the Reiki master, the yoga instructor, and the sound healer. I go to the sound bath, the astrologer, the tarot reader, and the numerologist, the nail technician. I use teas made from healing herbs that I buy in bulk. I make my own capsules filled with powders of healing plants. I buy tinctures and lotions and potions and pills without chemicals and devoid of as much toxicity as possible, made by (typicall holy) people who are healers who put love and peace and healing intentions in everything they make; and probably everything they do. I make my own colloidal silver.

The hiccup in this whole matter is that they have problems too. They have health issues, they have life issues, they have death issues, they have offspring issues, they have financial issues, and sometimes the weight of all of those issues is just simply too much to bear and they need help too. Healers typically seek out other healers. When one is weak, one hopes and prays another is strong. Sometimes it feels like a sinking ship because everybody is going through it. My massage therapist is the best in the business, but she has occupational related deterioration and permanent injury and has to suffer pain to relieve mine. This is common in the world of healing. There’s got to be a better way.

Western medicine is a business enterprise. It is the largest business enterprise in human history. As a whole, it is not trying to heal you; contrary to whatever you may believe. Tests, drugs, more tests, more drugs, tests on top of tests, drugs on top of drugs, one (typically) painful procedure after another, one doctor to the next, to the next, to the next and round the circle and back again; with little to no answers and little to no relief in between time… or ever. Have you ever met a drug dealer? They’re not in the business of getting you off of drugs; if they were, they’d never make any money. If there’s one thing you can bet your life on, it’s that there is nothing more important to drug dealers than money. Anyone who tries to truly heal is typically bullied out of their efforts and their livelihood by the powers that be. It’s outright disgusting and disgraceful and I am determined to see the end of it; come hell or high water.

My friend and I were talking the other day and she mentioned that she was grateful that she could just speak freely around me about matters that others would gaslight her for speaking about. If you have ever done this to someone, you are not welcome here. My ideal scenario is to create a forum where people can speak freely; especially about matters of the seemingly unknowable. I intend to create an atmosphere conducive to establishing a repository of information and resources for those of us whose lives revolve around nurturing and healing and the ascension journey. I imagine a theoretical place where our contributions to the betterment of ourselves and our fellow human being, as well as humanity as a whole are welcomed without criticism. I’m here to save the world. You’re either for me or against me and, no matter how you slice it, my team wins. We’ll see where this takes us… my name is Aimee, and I HEAL.

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